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Name Dionysos Films
State Victoria
Country Australia

Company: People
Stathis Raftopoulos is featured on the landing page of the CAARP website. The following correspondence about this image was received via email:
Hi Deb

Thank you very much for your reply, and the article. I hoped it would turn out to be just that!
My father worked as a projectionist for Stan Raft at both the Victoria, Richmond, and at Nicholas Hall in the 1960’s. My sister and I went along with him to the Victoria on alternate Saturdays, when they were screening English language films for the matinee.
The two 35mm projectors at Nicholas Hall were fitted with castors, so they could be wheeled out of the way while the SFC screened from their own 16mm equipment. They also spent some time in Port Pirie while owned by Mr Raft.
The 35mm machines consist of Kalee Indomitable model 6 projector mechanisms, mounted on Bevan optical soundheads and stands. The lamphouses were made by Hanilton and Baker. The box sitting on the floor of the projection room is a small “Transarc” - an A.C. power supply for one of the arc lamps. It does not seem to be connected, so presumably the photo was taken while the show was being set up for the evening.
Steve Mitchell, the senior technician at Victorian Film Laboratories also did some casual projection work at Nicholas Hall. He has an anecdote about a film fire while he was operating there one night. The film broke above the gate during the screening and the end flipped into the cone at the front of the lamp house and caught fire. He said it was a rather exciting time while he worked out what to do as the machine was running and the film was burning back at exactly the same rate as it was feeding out of the projector. It appears that a remedy was found…..

Best regards.
Phillip Grace.

Other Information
The earliest incarnation of Stathis Raftopoulos's involvement in the exhibition of Greek films in Melbourne. The first screening was held at !Venue:Nicholas Hall!

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