Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Katastrofi Tou Seizmou Sti Skopia to 1963
Speed Demon
Dog Day Afternoon
Sidherenio Heri
Far From The Madding Crowd
Marseilles Contract, The
Weekend Of A Champion
Kiklos Tis Anomalias, O
Men Of Action
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same
Wicked, Wicked
Simvolo ton Apiston
Darker Than Amber
Maid In Sweden
World's Greatest Athlete, The
Kleftis tou Vasileos, O
Kiss Before The Mirror
For The Love Of Benji
And Soon The Darkness
Sidecar Racers
Chinese Connection
Kolasis Yia Tous Iroes
Secret Of Madame Blanche
Goodbye Emmanuelle
Macon County Line
Sklavoi tis Babylonos
Eiger Sanction, The
₤20,000 Kiss, The
Koritsia Dhikos Prika
High Finance
Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane
Harvey Middleman: Fireman
Way We Were, The
Enter Laughing
Lanselot kai Genovfa
I Lived With You
Stop It Or You Will Go Blind
Gunfight In Abeline
Friends Of Mr Sweeny
Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Oliver Twist
Leikoi Kai Negroi
Strike Me Lucky
American Hot Wax
Big Mouth, The
That's A Good Girl

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