Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Imerologio Enos Amartolou Papa
Laughing Boy
Future World
Helicopter Spies
Pringkipissa Poulexeria
Who Is Buried In My Grave?
Iraklis Horis Alisidhes, O
Savage Bees
Battle Beneath The Earth
Rendez-vous Me 1000 Koritsia
Fiction Makers, The
Nude Bomb, The
All-American Girl, The
Isse I Pringkipissa Tis Kardhias Mou
Stranger's Return
Ritz, The
Stay Away Joe
Roust About
April Fools, The
Times Square
Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows
Kai Oi Epta Isan Iperohoi
Love Contract
Sex Is Pleasure
Maltese Bippy, The
Samson, O
Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer, The
2000 Weeks
Kasino tou Parisiou
Run Appoloosa Run
Sevak Sti Hora Ton Kiklopon, O
Ogien, The
Twins Of Dracula
Kathigitis Me To Stanio
State Trooper
Demon Seed
They Only Kill Their Masters
Sidhiron Parapetasma, To
Wuthering Heights (1971)
Mc Q
Silent Running
Kineziki Koukla
Range Feud
Pussy In ????
Rum Runners, The

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