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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Sinantisis me to Moimia
Sex And The Other Woman
That's Entertainment!
Kleidhi Tis Eftihias, To
When Stangers Marry
Storm Boy
Robin Hood (animated)
Siteitai Psevtis
Escape To Witch Mountain
Klansman, The
Gabriel Over The White House
Sklavoi tou Erotos sti Hora tou Amazoniou
Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
Journey Out Of Darkness
For Love Of You
Plainsman, The
Spiti Me Tis Moumies, To
Very Honourable Guy, A
Who's Minding The Mint?
Las Vengas
Lily Of Killarney
Swarm, The
That Man Called Fintstone
Circus Clown, The
Sure In The Saddle
Richard III
Leon Tou Agiou Markou, O
Splendid Fellows
Hound Of The Baskervilles, The
Wargame, The
General John Regan
Games Schoolgirls Play
Thirty Is A Dangerous Age
Tangled Evidence
Other Side Of The Mountain, The
Champagne Murders, The
Dhamon kai o Theidhias, O
Princess Charming
Ride A Wild Pony
Violent Enemy
Magiko Spathi, To
Wild Boy
Hard Core

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