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São Luiz (Lisbon)

Venue Summary
Name São Luiz (Lisbon)
Address Rua António Maria Cardoso, 38 , Lisbon, Unknown 1200-026
Operation Dates 1928-01-01 - 1960-01-01
Suburban/Country Unknown
Purpose Unknown
Venue Comments

Operation Dates Further Info
It was opened as a theatre on 22-05-1894 with the name Teatro Dona Amélia (in honour to the queen of Portugal at that time). The arquitect was a French by the name of Louis Reynaud.
In 1910, it has its name changed to Teatro República. But in 1914, it was destroyed by a fire. So, the arquitect Tertuliano Marques was the responsible for the new building, which was opened on 16-01-1916.
In 1928, it was refurbished, adapted to be a cinema, and had its name changed to São Luiz Cine. It was opened presenting the film "Metrópolis" by Fritz Lang.
It was the first sound cinema in Portugal (wired in 1930).
it returned to theatre after 1960, and in 1971, it was bought by Lisbon City Council and had its name changed to Teatro Municipal de São Luiz.

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Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1928-01-01 São Luiz Cine Rua António Maria Cardoso, 38
Unknown 1200-026

Unknown Unknown


Films Distributor Dates
Congresso que Dança, O H. da Costa 1932-01-01 - 1932-02-06
Divorciada, A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 1932-01-12 - 1932-01-18
Um Filme Desportivo 1932-01-12 - 1932-01-18
Rei da Graxa, O H. da Costa 1932-01-19 - 1932-08-12
Mam'zelle Nitouche H. da Costa 1932-02-07 - 1932-06-01
Flagrante Delito H. da Costa 1932-02-08 - 1932-02-09
Ben-Hur 1932-02-10 - 1932-03-25
As Ilhas do Pacífico 1932-02-16 - 1932-02-29
Tragédia da Mina, A H. da Costa 1932-02-21 - 1932-02-21
Inspiração Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 1932-03-01 - 1932-03-07
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