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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Graham Wilcox Productions Unknown United Kingdom
British Lion Unknown Unknown
Ideal Unknown United Kingdom
Greater Australasian Films Unknown Unknown
British and Dominions Unknown Unknown
Murray Bridge Picture Palace Ltd. Murray Bridge South Australia Australia
Wallaroo Entertainments Co. Ltd. Wallaroo South Australia Australia
Herbert Wilcox Unknown Unknown
Titanus Unknown Italy
Apollon Film Unknown Greece
Damaskinos-Michaelidis Unknown Greece
Indusfilms Unknown France
Produzione Gallone Unknown Italy
Narivalas Unknown Greece
Excelsa Film Unknown Italy
Milas Films (Millas Film) Unknown Greece
Societe Nouvelle des Etablissements Gaumont (SNEG) Unknown France
Andreas Lambrinos Unknown Greece
Vic Film Unknown Italy
Athens Films Unknown Greece
Cino Del Duca Films Unknown Italy
Galatea Film Unknown Italy
Arco Film Unknown Italy
Eleni Voudouri Unknown Greece
Zebra Film Unknown Italy
Pro Films - Produzione Films Cinematografici Unknown Italy
Franco London Film (FLF) Unknown France
Cronos Film (Kronos Film) Unknown Greece
Electra Compagnia Cinematografica Unknown Italy
Yeni Film Unknown Greece
Hermes Film (Greece) Unknown Greece
Seyta Unknown Italy
Spiro Raft Theatres Richmond Victoria Australia
Tiffany-Stahl Productions Unknown United States
Elias Pergantis Unknown Greece
Tzal Film Unknown Greece
Nikos Sabatakos Unknown Greece
Karatzopoulos & Co Unknown Greece
Kyriakos Mavropanos Unknown Greece
Evangelos Katopodis Unknown Greece
Fivos-Film Unknown Greece
Motion Picture Associates Unknown United States
Kostas Sakellaridis Unknown Greece
Lopert Pictures Corporation Unknown United States
Melina Film Unknown Greece
Panellinios Film Unknown Greece
Ioannis Drimaropoulos & Co. Unknown Greece
Iris Film Unknown Italy
Orso Film Unknown Italy
Produzioni D.Forges Davanzati Unknown Italy

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