Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Village Double Bay Pty. Ltd.
Vides Cinematografica Unknown Italy
Videor Film Unknown Italy
Victory Picture Theatre Pty Ltd St Kilda Victoria Australia
Victory (Greece) Unknown Greece
Victoria Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Victoria Theatre Pty. Ltd. Victoria Australia
Victoria Kapsaski Unknown Greece
Victor Saville Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Victor Michaelidis
Victor Film Unknown Italy
Vic Films Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Vic Film Unknown Italy
Vertriebs - GmbH Unknown Denmark
Vera Films Unknown France
Venturini Film Unknown Italy
Ventura Pictures Corporation Unknown United States
Venta Films
Venere Unknown Italy
Vega Film Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Vedouras Film Unknown Greece
Vassilis Gretsis Unknown Greece
Vassilis Betsos Unknown Greece
Variety Film Production Unknown Italy
Vardar Film
Vanguard Productions Unknown United States
Vandor Films Unknown France
Van Beuren Studios Unknown Unknown
Vamp Film Unknown Greece
Valiant Films Unknown United States
Vaduz Production Unknown Unknown
Urania Film Unknown Spain
University of Melbourne
University Films Unknown United States
Universalcine Unknown Italy
Universal Pictures Unknown Unknown
Universal International Pictures (UIP) Unknown United States
Universal International Pictures
Universal Films (Spain) Unknown Spain
Universal Films
Unity Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
United Theatres Pty. Ltd. Victoria Australia
United States Pictures Unknown United States
United Productions of America (UPA) Unknown United States
United Artists Unknown Unknown
Union Theatres Feature Exchange Unknown Unknown
Union Generale Cinematographique (UGC) Unknown France
Union Cinématographique Lyonnaise (UCIL) Unknown France

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