Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Showman's Pictures
Shields, R. Victoria Australia
Sherwood Prod. Pty. Ltd. Victoria Australia
Shepherd, A. South Australia Australia
Shenton Picture co. Western Australia Australia
Sheldrake Films Unknown United Kingdom
Shaw, V.J. Victoria Australia
Shaw Brothers
Sharpe, Davies and Company Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Sharon Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Shaftesbury Films Unknown United Kingdom
SGF Unknown Unknown
Seyta Unknown Italy
Seymour, J. L. Victoria Australia
Seven Films Unknown Greece
Seven Film Unknown Italy
Seven Arts Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Seven Arts Pictures Unknown United States
Serena Film Unknown Italy
Sequoia Pictures Unknown United States
Sequana Films Unknown France
Sentinel Productions Unknown United States
Selznick International Pictures Unknown United States
Selmur Productions Unknown United States
Selleck, F.P. & Ward, R.G. Victoria Australia
Selleck, F. & B. Victoria Australia
Security Pictures Unknown United States
Seccola, M. South Australia Australia
Seaview Drive-in Theatre Pty Ltd Geelong Victoria Australia
Screen Guild Productions Unknown United States
Screen Associates Inc. Unknown United States
Scott, Jack Victoria Australia
Scott R. Dunlap Productions Unknown United States
Scott Film
Schermi Associati Unknown Italy
Scalera Film Unknown Italy
Savvas Pylarinos Unknown Greece
Santa Rosa Productions Unknown United States
Sanson Film Unknown Unknown
Sandringham Drive-In Theatre Pty Ltd Sandringham Victoria Australia
Sancro Film Unknown Italy
Sana Film
San Paolo Films Unknown Italy
Samuel Goldwyn Company, The Unknown United States
Samuel Bronston Productions Unknown United States
Sampaolofilm Unknown Italy
Salem Films Limited Unknown United Kingdom

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