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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Corman Company, The Unknown United States
Gibraltar Productions Unknown United States
Les Productions Artistes Associés Unknown France
George Stevens Productions Unknown United States
Galaxy Pictures Limited Unknown United Kingdom
Cigna Unknown Italy
International Classics Unknown Unknown
Avala Film Unknown Yugoslavia
Harold Hecht Productions Unknown United States
Julian Blaustein Productions Ltd. Unknown United Kingdom
Centro Produzione Roma Unknown Italy
Cosmopolis Unknown Italy
Marianne Productions Unknown France
Tiki Film Unknown Italy
Egyptian General Company for International Film Production Unknown Egypt
Arcola Pictures Unknown United States
Fénix Cooperativa Cinematográfica Unknown Spain
Robert J. Enders Productions Unknown United States
Windsor Pictures Corporation Unknown United States
Mid Century Film Productions Ltd. Unknown United Kingdom
Perlsea Company Unknown United States
Compton Films Unknown United Kingdom
Casolaro Films Distributing Co. Unknown United States
Nemi Film Unknown Italy
Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft (NDF) Unknown Germany
Videor Film Unknown Italy
United Productions of America (UPA) Unknown United States
Sanson Film Unknown Unknown
Michael Todd Company Unknown United States
Hallmark Productions Unknown United Kingdom
British Lion Film Corporation Unknown United Kingdom
HarBel Productions Unknown United States
Knightsbridge Films Unknown United Kingdom
Victor Saville Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Adelphi Films Ltd. Unknown United Kingdom
Associated British Film Distributors (ABFD) Unknown United Kingdom
Pan Productions (UK) Unknown United Kingdom
Filmel Unknown Unknown
Comptoir Français de Productions Cinématographiques (CFPC) Unknown France
Estela Films Unknown Spain
Grand National Pictures Unknown United Kingdom
Jerry Wald Productions Unknown United States
Globe Enterprises Unknown United States
World Enterprises Unknown United States
Liberty Pictures Unknown United States
Gross-Krasne Productions Unknown United States
Les Films Agiman Unknown France
Montesi Unknown Italy
Ponderey Productions Unknown United States
Colamonici Unknown Italy

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