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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Vandor Films Unknown France
Deutsche Lichtspiel-Syndikat (DLS) Unknown Germany
Comédies Filmées Unknown France
O. Glück, Wien Unknown Austria
Joseph M. Schenck Productions Unknown United States
Ariel Film Unknown Denmark
Murnau-Flaherty Productions Unknown United States
Elton Corporation Unknown United States
Tobis Filmkunst Unknown Denmark
Les Films Marcel Vandal et Charles Delac Unknown France
Gloria Productions Unknown United States
Jack Irwin Productions Unknown United States
Delog Film Produktions Unknown Denmark
Vertriebs - GmbH Unknown Denmark
Walter Futter Productions Unknown United States
Orphea-Film Unknown France
Lisboa Filmes Unknown Portugal
Filmproduktion Loew & Co, Unknown Germany
Films Jean de la Cour Unknown France
Ring Film-Produktion Unknown Denmark
Congo Pictures Unknown Unknown
Deutsche Film-Gemeinschaft Unknown Germany
Richard-Oswald-Produktion Unknown Denmark
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation Unknown United States
Palladium Productions Unknown United States
Vladimír Kabelík Unknown Czech Republic
Terra-Film Unknown Germany
Centrale Cinematographique Unknown France
Ward, Robert Victoria Australia
Italian International Film Unknown Italy
Schermi Associati Unknown Italy
Camden Theatres Victoria Australia
Cinematografica Federiz Unknown Italy
Unity Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Produzione Capitani Film Unknown Italy
Serena Film Unknown Italy
Borea Film Unknown Italy
San Paolo Films Unknown Italy
Forum Film Unknown Unknown
Glomer Film Unknown Italy
Cinematografica Associati (CI. AS.) Unknown Italy
Olympic Film Unknown Italy
Dendy Film Distrubtors Victoria Australia
Dandenong Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Fitzroy Retailers & Amusements Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Panoramic Drive-In Theatres Pty. Ltd. Victoria Australia
Reade-Watts, D.K. Victoria Australia
Sharpe, Davies and Company Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Theatre Holdings Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Victoria Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia

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