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Name Williamsons, J.C. / J.C Williamson Theatre Limited
State Unknown
Country Australia

Australia's dominant theatrical entrepreneur. Also distributed and exhibited films on irregular basis during 1920s and 1930s.

J.C Williamson arrived in Australia from the US to present Struck Oil for Coppin in 1874.
In 1904 formed a partnership with Sir George Tallis and Ramaciotti.
1911 absorbed main rivals Clarke & Meynell, appointed Hugh Ward manager director (also from the the US- he joined Fullers in 1921)
Died in 1913.
J.C Williamsom Ltd. made films in 1915-16.

J.C. Williamson Films formed mid 20's.

See following venues:
Melbourne Town Hall 1901, King's Theatre 1934, Princess Theatre, Palace (to 1934), Strand (1925-29), Atheneum (1904-05), Her Majesty, Comedy Theatre.

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