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Name British Empire Films (BEF)
State Unknown
Country Unknown
Distributor Film Links
Autumn Crocus
Devil Pays Off, The
Sierra Sue
Cowboy Serenade
Mysterious Mr. Valentine, The
Heart of the Rio Grande
Professor Mamlok
Next of Kin
Moonlight Masquerade
Phantom Killer
Call of the Canyon
Sunset Serenade
Yukon Patrol
Stardust on the Sage
Heart of the Golden West
Silent Witness
Mountain Rhythm
Bells of Capistrano
Ridin' Down the Canyon
Big Blockade, The
King of the Stallions
Youth On Parade
Remember Pearl Harbor
War Dogs
Foreign Agent
Puddin' Head
Public Enemies
Ships with Wings
Tuxedo Junction
Lady for a Night
Sleepytime Gal
One Thrilling Night
Secrets of the Underworld
Razgrom nemetskikh voysk pod Moskvoy
In Old California
Red River Valley
Affairs of Jimmy Valentine, The
Black Dragons
Tragedy at Midnight, A
Mr. Wise Guy
Klondike Fury
Shepherd of the Ozarks
Girl from Alaska, The
Yokel Boy
Rubber Racketeers
Hi, Neighbor
Smart Alecks
Lure of the Islands
So's Your Aunt Emma!
Road to Happiness
Pimpernel Smith
Seventh Survivor, The
Home in Wyomin'
She's in the Army
Let's Get Tough
Old Homestead, The
South of Santa Fe
Three Men In A Boat
Lucky Girl
Squatter's Daughter
Song You Gave Me
Passport to Paris
You Made Me Love You
Hayseeds, The
Let Me Explain Dear
Sleepless Nights
Pride of the Force
Facing The Music
Leave It To Me
Looking On The Britishightside
Heads We Go
Red Wagon
Crime On The Hill
Right To Happiness
On Secret Service
Silence Of Dean Maitland, The
Man They Could Not Hang, The
Love, Life And Laughter
Scotland Yard Mystery
My Wife's Family
Southern Maid, A
Return Of Bulldog Drummond
Those Were The Days
Meet My Sister
When The Kelly's Rode
Love Nest, The
Fortunate Fool
Warren Case, The
On Our Selection
Splendid Fellows
Strike Me Lucky
Girls Will be Boys
Beyond Bengal
Love On The Spot
Give Her A Ring
Great Defender, The
Blossom Time
Love At Second Sight
Freedom Of The Seas
Snuffy Smith, Yard Bird
Black Sheep of Whitehall, The
Those Kids from Town
Sabotage at Sea
Isle of Missing Men
Rhythm Parade
One of Our Aircraft is Missing!