Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Rosewarne, E.F. South Australia Australia
Perry, W.L. South Australia Australia
Lyric Theatres South Australia Australia
Boyle, W.L. South Australia Australia
Rank Organisation, The Unknown United Kingdom
Forrester-Parant Productions Unknown France
Hindley Street Parking Centre South Australia Australia
Shepherd, A. South Australia Australia
Cine-Arts Entertainment Pty Ltd. South Australia Australia
Mathews, M. South Australia Australia
Marion Shopping Centre South Australia Australia
Hostel Hall Pennington South Australia Australia
Seccola, M. South Australia Australia
Knuckey, L.R. South Australia Australia
FAN Filmes Unknown Brazil
Caldwell, D. South Australia Australia
Gustaf Unger Films Unknown Sweden
Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation Unknown United States
Samuel Goldwyn Company, The Unknown United States
Compagnie Générale Cinématographique Unknown France
Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation Unknown United States
Castelo Branco Melo Unknown Portugal
Pantomim-Film AG Unknown Denmark
Edwin Carewe Productions Unknown United States
The Harold Lloyd Corporation Unknown United States
Strauss Film Unknown Germany
Lupo Film Unknown Portugal
Terra-Filmkunst Unknown Denmark
British National Films Unknown United Kingdom
Sequana Films Unknown France
Trem Carr Pictures Unknown United States
Sofar-Film Unknown Unknown
Union Theatres Feature Exchange Unknown Unknown
Artaus Unknown Australia
Fox Film Corporation Unknown United States
Players' Guild Unknown Unknown
Van Beuren Studios Unknown Unknown
20th Century Pictures Unknown Unknown
Fox Film Company Unknown United Kingdom
Gaumont British Picture Corporation Unknown Unknown
Twickleham Film Studios Unknown United Kingdom
Associated Talking Pictures (ATP) Unknown Unknown
British Empire Films (BEF) Unknown Unknown
Gaiety Theatres Pty Ltd Victoria Australia
Newsreel Theatres Pty Ltd Unknown Australia
Paramount Film Services Pty Ltd Unknown Australia
Bruning Promotions Victoria Australia
Wright, C.W. Victoria Australia
Shaw, V.J. Victoria Australia
Levi, Marcus Victoria Australia

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