Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Peet Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Vega Film Productions Unknown United Kingdom
Croydon Cinema Pty. Ltd. Victoria Australia
Kitchen, D.H. & R.N. Victoria Australia
Northcote Theatre Co. Pty. Ltd. Northcote Victoria Australia
High St. Pictures Pty. Ltd. Northcote Victoria Australia
Mitchell, D. G. Victoria Australia
Petro, S. De Victoria Australia
Fava, S. Victoria Australia
Selleck, F. & B. Victoria Australia
Independent Artists Unknown United Kingdom
Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors Unknown United Kingdom
Batjac Productions Unknown United States
Alamo Company, The Unknown United States
Pan Productions (USA) Unknown United States
D.R.M. Productions Unknown United States
Ambrosiana Cinematografica Unknown Italy
Norma Productions Unknown United States
Ventura Pictures Corporation Unknown United States
Tempo Film Unknown Italy
Cinematografica RI.RE Unknown Italy
Zeus Film Unknown Italy
Thunderbird Productions Unknown United States
Compagnia Italiana Noleggio Edizione Film (CINEF) Unknown Italy
Grandi Film Storici Unknown Italy
Siden Film Unknown Italy
Williamson/Powell Unknown Unknown
Z (Australia) Unknown Australia
Cinemondo Unknown Italy
Polaris Film Unknown Italy
Boqui Film Unknown Italy
Revue Studios Unknown United States
Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas Unknown Spain
Constantin Film Produktion Unknown Germany
Produzioni Europee Associati (PEA) Unknown Italy
Arta Cinematografica S.p.A. Unknown Unknown
Esskay Pictures Corporation Unknown United States
Tecisa Unknown Spain
Gregor Production Unknown United States
Apo Film Unknown Italy
Midega Film Unknown Spain
Dicifrance Unknown France
Les Films du Siècle Unknown France
R.P.A. Cinematografica Unknown Italy
Cinecidi Unknown Italy
Jolly Film Unknown Italy
Ocean Films Unknown Spain
Fazio, P. De Myrtleford Victoria Australia
Rayner, W.H. Myrtleford Victoria Australia
Belcher, F.M. Victoria Australia

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