Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Name Address Suburb/Town State Country  
Mondial Televisione Film Unknown Italy
Ultra Film Unknown Italy
Telefilm Industria Unknown Italy
Euro International Film Unknown Italy
Era Cinematografica Unknown Italy
Aster Film Unknown Italy
Seven Film Unknown Italy
Sancro Film Unknown Italy
Cocinor Unknown France
D.D.L. Unknown Italy
Laetitia Film Unknown Italy
Rodes Cinematografica Unknown Italy
24 Horses Unknown Italy
West Film Unknown Italy
Anteos Film Unknown Italy
Alta Vista Unknown Italy
Master Films Unknown Italy
Liber Film Unknown Italy
Itala Film Unknown Italy
Sono-Art Unknown Unknown
Pathé Unknown Unknown
Doremi/Film Do.Re.Mi. Unknown Italy
Ariel Societa Cinematografica Milanese Unknown Italy
Etrusca Cinematografica Unknown Italy
Sicilia Cinematografica Unknown Italy
De Laurentiis Unknown Italy
Films Sonores Tobis Unknown France
Nero-Film AG Unknown Unknown
Ondra-Lamac_Film Unknown Unknown
Sofilmes Unknown Portugal
Hoot Gibson Productions Unknown United States
Richard Talmadge Productions Unknown United States
Atalanta Unknown Portugal
Elektafilm Unknown Czech Republic
Les Établissements Braunberger-Richebé Unknown France
Carl Fröelich-Film GmbH Unknown Unknown
Münchner Lichtspielkunst AG (Emelka) Unknown Germany
The Caddo Company Unknown United States
Les Films Osso Unknown France
Cosmopolitan Productions Unknown United States
Richard Tauber Tonfilm-Productions GmbH Unknown Germany
Super-Film GmbH Unknown Germany
Cine-Allianz Tonfilmproduktions GmbH Unknown Germany
Les Films Marcel Pagnol Unknown France
Hal Roach Productions Unknown United States
Sociedade Geral de Filmes Unknown Portugal
Les Établissements Jacques Haïk Unknown France
Vandor Films Unknown France
Deutsche Lichtspiel-Syndikat (DLS) Unknown Germany
Comédies Filmées Unknown France

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