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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Three Ring Marriage Three Ring Marriage 1928
Shootin' Irons Shootin' Irons 1927
Wild Party, The (Talkie) Wild Party, The (Talkie) 1929
Mother Knows Best (Silent) Mother Knows Best (Silent) 1928
God's Clay God's Clay 1928
Love and the Devil Love and the Devil 1929
Man Who Laughs, The Man Who Laughs, The 1928
Square Shoulders (Talkie) Square Shoulders (Talkie) 1929
Widicombe Fair Widicombe Fair 1928
Harold Teen Harold Teen 1928
My Lady of Whims My Lady of Whims 1925
His Lucky Day His Lucky Day 1929
Family Group, The Family Group, The 1928
Borrowed Finery Borrowed Finery 1925
Man of the Forest Man of the Forest 1926
Lost in the Arctic Lost in the Arctic 1928
Across the Atlantic Across the Atlantic 1928
Won In The Clouds Won In The Clouds 1928
Butterflies in the Rain Butterflies in the Rain 1926
Charge of the Gauchos, The Charge of the Gauchos, The 1928
Do Your Duty Do Your Duty 1928
Triumph of the Rat Triumph of the Rat 1926
Outcast Outcast 1928
Annie Laurie Annie Laurie 1927
Strong Boy Strong Boy 1929
Without Mercy Without Mercy 1925
Ladies of Leisure Ladies of Leisure 1926
None But the Brave None But the Brave 1928
Girls Gone Wild Girls Gone Wild 1929
Tin Hats Tin Hats 1926
Klovnen Golden Clown, The 1926
Sin Sister Sin Sister 1929
Fighting Demon, The Fighting Demon, The 1925
Lady of Victories, The Lady of Victories, The 1928
Substitute, The Substitute, The
Song of Love, The Song of Love 1923
London Love London Love 1926
Peter Vernon's Silence Peter Vernon's Silence 1926
His Private Life His Private Life 1928
Fighting Gladiator, The Fighting Gladiator, The 1926
Swim Girl Swim Swim Girl Swim 1927
Golf Widows Golf Widows 1928
Lodger, The Lodger, The 1927
Show, The Show, The 1927
Twisted Triggers Twisted Triggers 1926
Chicken a La King Chicken a La King 1928
Speedy Speedy 1928
Win That Girl Win That Girl 1928
Tommy Atkins Tommy Atkins 1928
Take Me Home Take Me Home 1928

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