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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Mistika tis Amartolis Athinas, Ta Sinful Secrets of Athens, The
Soccar-Ellas vs Voulgari
Savage Mutiny Savage Mutiny
13 Gennaioi, Oi
Soccar-28-1-62 Match
Somewhere from Nowhere Somewhere from Nowhere
Dhipsasmeni Sarka Yia Idhoni
Be A Good Boy, Father
Panathina vs. Olympiakos
They Love Sex They Love Sex
War Drums War Drums
White Feather White Feather
3 Athloi tou Tarzan
Allagyi Syzigon
Cupid's Express Cupid's Express
Swingin' Hostesses, The Swingin' Hostesses, The
Asproi Kai Indhoi
Mammy, The Mammy, The
Overnight Haul Overnight Haul
The Young Ones The Young Ones
3 Ten to Yiuma
3:10 to Yuma
Best Enemies Best Enemies
5 Weeks in Balcon 5 Weeks in Balcon
Ghost of the Night Ghost of the Night
Martyries Testimonies
Two Red Roses Two Red Roses
Astronaftes Yia Dhesimo Astronauts For the Madhouse
Warning, The Warning, The
Lipotaktis, O Deserter
Fisherman's Daughter, The
Latest Greek News
Boxcar Bertha
Woman's Justice, A Woman's Justice, A
Slaves of Beauty Slaves of Beauty
Christouyenna Tou Aliti, Ta Pauper's Christmas, The
Calibre 9 Calibre 9
Atlantis, The Lost City Atlantis, The Lost City
Sky Rocket, The Sky Rocket, The
Girl Called Julia, A Girl Called Julia, A
All the Young Men All the Young Men
Dress Your Flesh With Desire Dress Your Flesh With Desire
Double Sex In Naughty Nymphs Double Sex In Naughty Nymphs
Hot Blood Hot Blood
Golden Crown, The Golden Crown, The
Circus Life Circus Life
Enas Apentaros Leftas Rich Man Without a Penny, A

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