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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Ghost of the Night Ghost of the Night
Warning, The Warning, The
7 Imeres Psemmata 7 Days of Lying
Somebody's Son Somebody's Son
Honesty is the Best Policy Honesty is the Best Policy
Night Bride, The Night Bride, The
Golden Crown, The Golden Crown, The
13os, O 13th Man, The
Substitute, The Substitute, The
Wild Bow Wild Bow
Song of the Roses Song of the Roses
3 Crazy Loveboys
Poacher, The Poacher, The
Temporary Thief, The Temporary Thief, The
Home Home
24 Ores Zontohira Divorcee For 24 Hours
Wife in Every Port, A Wife in Every Port, A
Phantom Of the Circus Phantom Of the Circus
Jungle Orphan, The Jungle Orphan, The
1974 World Cup Soccar match
Circus Life Circus Life
Woman's Justice, A Woman's Justice, A
Agouri Sarka Innocent Flesh
Sky Rocket, The Sky Rocket, The
Fisherman's Daughter, The
Well, The Well, The
Slightly Used Slightly Used
Slaves of Beauty Slaves of Beauty
When Duty Calls When Duty Calls
Crazy Magic Crazy Magic
7 Chronia Gamou Married For 7 Years
5 Weeks in Balcon 5 Weeks in Balcon
Rogers of the Turf * Rogers of the Turf *
Lightning Show (t), The Lightning Show (t), The
Somewhere from Nowhere Somewhere from Nowhere
Black Jack Black Jack
Two Red Roses Two Red Roses
Addio Zoe Goodbye Life
Ghosts of the Night Ghosts of the Night
Tunney-Heeney Fight, The Tunney-Heeney Fight, The
Silks and Saddles Silks and Saddles
Things Have Changed Things Have Changed
Tiger Lady, The Tiger Lady, The
Vagabond, The Vagabond, The
28 Oktovriou, ora 5.30 October 28, 1940-5.30 am
Desert Woman, The Desert Woman, The
Rookies, The Rookies, The
Cupid's Express Cupid's Express

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