Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Lost World 0000
17000 Miles An Hour 0000
Joy Rider, The
Nurses Report
American, The 1958
School Girls Growing Up
H.M.S. Defiant
Steel Claw
Apache 1954
Paratroop Command 1959
Young Lions
Cowboys of Texas
David and Goliath 1960
Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde
Spy Action, The 0000
One Eyed Jacks
Street Urchin In Paradise
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Love Secrets of the Karma Sutra
Express to Peking 1951
Phantom of the Opera
Lost Angels 1948
Vice Road
Keyhole Report
Down the Rich 0000
Hunters, The
Call Girls
Major Dundee 1965
Aladin's Magic Lantern
Black Dragon, The
Young Savages
Solomon and Sheba 1959
One Word for the Greeks 0000
Life Without Worry, A 0000
Outrageous Unbelievable Mechanical Love Machine, The
Small Hero
Warlord of Crete 1960
Mystery of Life, The 0000
Voodoo Island
Night of the Catastophe of the World 0000
Dream of the Indian, The
Nights of Rasputin 1960
Ulysses 1954
Big Show, The 1961

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