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Film Title Last Performance, The
Title English Last Performance, The
Language English
Production Year 1927
Sound Silent Silent
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URL Links 2008-05-20
Countries of Origin
United States
Film Production Companies
Universal Pictures
Film Distribution Companies
Universal Pictures
Total Screenings - 5
Venue Screening Date Number of Screenings Screening Type
Palace Pictures / Wondergraph / (Old) Star / Ozone, Unley 1929-12-21 1 Evening only
Colonel Light Gardens Theatre 1929-12-31 1 Evening only
Central, Adelaide 1930-01-01 1 Evening only
Colonel Light Gardens Theatre 1930-01-01 1 Evening only
Sydney Premiere 1930-02-22 0 Unknown
St Morris 1930-03-08 1 Evening only
Melbourne premiere 1930-04-05 0 Unknown