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Title English Major Dundee
Language Unknown
Film Title Legeon ton Katadhikasmenon, I
Language Greek
Film Title Taxiarhia Ton Ekdikiton, I
Language Greek
Production Year 1965
Sound Silent Unknown
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Countries of Origin
United States
Film Production Companies
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Film Distribution Companies
Total Screenings - 7
Venue Screening Date Number of Screenings Screening Type
Pantheon Theatre, Prahran 1962-09-02 1 Unknown
National, Richmond 1964-06-12 1 Unknown
National, Richmond 1964-06-15 1 Unknown
National, Richmond 1964-06-17 1 Unknown
Christ Church Hall / Cosmopolitan Theatre 1965-06-26 1 Unknown
Crown / Victoria / Valhalla, Richmond 1966-05-21 1 Unknown
Crown / Victoria / Valhalla, Richmond 1966-05-22 1 Unknown