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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Wild Born Wild Born 1927
Patriot, The Patriot, The 1928
Underground Underground 1928
White Mice White Mice 1926
My Official Wife My Official Wife 1926
3 Niemandskinder, Die Nobody's Children 1927
Madame X (Talkie) Madame X (Talkie) 1929
Pioneer Scout Pioneer Scout 1928
Cavalier, The Cavalier, The 1928
West Point West Point 1928
Simon the Jester Simon the Jester 1925
Pleasure Crazed (Talkie) Pleasure Crazed (Talkie) 1929
Children of the Ritz Children of the Ritz 1929
Sadie Thompson Sadie Thompson 1928
Telling the World Telling the World 1928
Mystery Valley Mystery Valley 1928
Luck of the Navy, The Luck of the Navy, The 1927
Silent Sentinel, The Silent Sentinel, The 1929
Alibi Alibi 1929
Ladies at Ease Ladies at Ease 1927
Oh Baby! Oh Baby! 1927
Wild Blood Wild Blood 1929
Dry Martini Dry Martini 1928
Captain Lash Captain Lash 1929
Sky Rocket, The Sky Rocket, The
Barbara Frietchie Barbara Frietchie 1924
South Sea Love South Sea Love 1927
Peep Behind the Scenes, A Peep Behind the Scenes, A 1929
Gaucho, The Gaucho, The 1927
Dove, The Dove, The 1927
Ramona Ramona 1928
Road to Romance, The Road to Romance, The 1927
Happiness Ahead Happiness Ahead 1928
Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü, Die Peaks of Destiny 1929
Adventurer, The Adventurer, The 1928
Stranded in Paris Stranded in Paris 1926
My Best Girl My Best Girl 1927
Guardians of the Wild Guardians of the Wild 1928
Valiant, The (Talkie) Valiant, The (Talkie) 1929
Submarine (Silent) Submarine (Silent) 1928
Phantom of the Turf, The Phantom of the Turf, The 1928
Cowboy Kid, The Cowboy Kid, The 1928
Singapore Mutiny Singapore Mutiny 1928
Chorus Kid, The Chorus Kid, The 1928
Racket, The Racket, The 1928
Jazz Singer, The Jazz Singer, The 1927
Wild Geese Wild Geese 1927
Royal Riders, The Royal Riders, The 1929
Drake Case, The (Drake's Last Case) Drake Case, The (Drake's Last Case) 1929
Masked Angel Masked Angel 1928

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