Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Comrades Comrades 1928
Monte Cristo Monte Cristo 1922
No Babies Allowed No Babies Allowed 1928
This is Heaven (Talkie) This is Heaven (Talkie) 1929
Light Woman, A Light Woman, A 1928
Ten Modern Commandments, The Ten Modern Commandments, The 1927
If I Were Single If I Were Single 1927
Lightning Lightning 1927
King's Highway, The King's Highway, The 1927
Tillie's Punctured Romance Tillie's Punctured Romance 1928
Masquerade (Talkie) Masquerade (Talkie) 1929
Riders of the Dark Riders of the Dark 1928
Charley's Aunt Charley's Aunt 1925
Body Punch, The Body Punch, The 1929
Passion Island Passion Island 1927
13 Washington Square 13 Washington Square 1925
Ladybird, The Ladybird, The 1927
Piccadilly Piccadilly 1929
Heart Thief, The Heart Thief, The 1927
Big City, The Big City, The 1928
Heart of a Nation We Americans 1928
Somebody's Son Somebody's Son
Mrs Brown from Chicago Mrs Brown from Chicago 0000
Gilded Edge, The Gilded Edge, The 0000
Infamous Lady, The Infamous Lady, The 1928
Little Journey, A Little Journey, A 1927
Golden Crown, The Golden Crown, The
Crimson City, The Crimson City, The 1928
Lucky Boy Lucky Boy 1929
White Sheik, The White Sheik, The 1928
Upland Rider, The Upland Rider, The 1928
Father and Son Father and Son 1929
Partners in Crime Partners in Crime 1928
Thanks for the Buggy Ride Thanks for the Buggy Ride 1928
Dog of the Regiment, A Dog of the Regiment, A 1927
Count of Luxembourg, The Count of Luxembourg, The 1926
Nelson Nelson 1926
Woman's Way, A Woman's Way, A 1928
Phantom City, The Phantom City, The 1928
Kid Brother, The Kid Brother, The 1927
Sinners in Love Sinners in Love 1928
Men of the Night Men of the Night 1926
Garden of Allah, The Garden of Allah, The 1927
Song of the Roses Song of the Roses
Shooting Stars Shooting Stars 1927
Into the Night Into the Night 1928
Legion of the Condemned, The Legion of the Condemned, The 1928
Waggon Master, The Waggon Master, The 1929
Single Man, A Single Man, A 1929
Road House Road House 1928

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