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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Desert Bride, The Desert Bride, The 1928
Buckeroo Kid, The Buckeroo Kid, The 1926
Eyes of the Underworld Eyes of the Underworld 1929
Mother Mother 1927
Second to None Second to None 1926
Texas Steer, A Texas Steer, A 1927
Scandal Scandal 1929
Wife Savers Wife Savers 1928
Kid Gloves (Talkie) Kid Gloves (Talkie) 1929
Apache Love Apache Dancer, The 1923
Flame of the Yukon, The Flame of the Yukon, The 1926
First Kiss, The First Kiss, The 1928
Fourth Commandment, The Fourth Commandment, The 1926
Woman I Love, The Woman I Love, The 1929
Things Have Changed Things Have Changed
Wild West Romance Wild West Romance 1928
Sporting Age, The Sporting Age, The 1928
Fangs of Destiny Fangs of Destiny 1927
Butter and Egg Man, The Butter and Egg Man, The 1928
Trail Riders Trail Riders 1928
Duke Steps Out, The Duke Steps Out, The 1929
Women They Talk About Women They Talk About 1928
Red Wine Red Wine 1928
Merry Widow, The Merry Widow, The 1925
Versunkene Flotte, Die When Fleet Meets Fleet 1926
Embarassing Moments (Talkie) Embarassing Moments (Talkie) 1930
Riding for Fame Riding for Fame 1928
Wife in Every Port, A Wife in Every Port, A
Miracle of Lourdes, The Miracle of Lourdes, The 1926
Beloved Rogue, The Beloved Rogue, The 1927
Unfair Sex, The Unfair Sex, The 1926
Week-End Comedy Week-End Comedy 1929
Now We're in the Air Now We're in the Air 1927
Studio Murder Mystery, The (Silent) Studio Murder Mystery, The (Silent) 1929
Fox Movietone Follies of 1929 Follies of 1929 1929
Grey Glove, The Grey Glove, The 1928
Gallant Hussar, The Gallant Hussar, The 1928
Skirts Skirts 1928
Climax, The Climax, The 1930
Phantom Pinto, The Phantom Pinto, The 1928
Stop That Man Stop That Man 1928
Little Adventuress, The Little Adventuress, The 1927
Sharp Shooters Sharp Shooters 1928
Vanishing Pioneer, The Vanishing Pioneer, The 1928
Charming Sinners (Talkie) Charming Sinners (Talkie) 1929
Excess Baggage Excess Baggage 1928
Tunney-Heeney Fight, The Tunney-Heeney Fight, The
Letzte Mann, Der Last Laugh, The 1924
Ghost of the Night Ghost of the Night
Sorrell and Son Sorrell and Son 1927

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