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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Manhattan Cocktail Manhattan Cocktail 1928
Man's Man, A Man's Man, A 1929
College Love (Talkie) College Love (Talkie) 1929
Out of the Ruins Out of the Ruins 1928
Domestic Troubles Domestic Troubles 1928
When the Kellys Were Out When the Kellys Were Out 1923
Winged Horseman, The Winged Horseman, The 1929
Meister der Welt, Der Master of the World 1927
Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, The 1927
Embarassing Moments (Silent) Embarassing Moments (Silent) 1930
Fascinating Youth Fascinating Youth 1926
Showdown, The Showdown, The 1928
House of Marney, The House of Marney, The 1926
Divorce Made Easy (Talkie) Divorce Made Easy (Talkie) 1929
Port of Missing Girls, The Port of Missing Girls, The 1928
Silent Power, The Silent Power, The 1926
Young April Young April 1926
Lady Raffles Lady Raffles 1928
Web of Fate Web of Fate 1927
Fire Brigade, The Fire Brigade, The 1926
Smart Set, The Smart Set, The 1928
Homestruck Homestruck 1927
Fighting Smile, The Fighting Smile, The 1925
Under the Southern Cross Under the Southern Cross 1927
Letzte Walzer, Der Last Waltz, The 1927
Chang Chang 1927
Scarlet Seas Scarlet Seas 1928
Branded Man, The Branded Man, The 1928
Campus Flirt, The Campus Flirt, The 1926
Strange Cargo Strange Cargo 1929
Weary River Weary River 1929
Gingham Girl, The Gingham Girl, The 1927
Gay Defender, The Gay Defender, The 1927
Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe 1927
Siren, The Siren, The 1927
Fight Pest, The Fight Pest, The 1928
Baby Mine Baby Mine 1928
Hello Cheyenne Hello Cheyenne 1928
Sailors' Wives Sailors' Wives 1928
Girl on the Barge, The Girl on the Barge, The 1929
Casanova Prince of Adventurers 1927
West of Zanzibar West of Zanzibar 1928
Voice of the City, The (Talkie) Voice of the City, The (Talkie) 1929
Champagne Champagne 1928
Wolves of the City, The Wolves of the City, The 1929
Modern Mothers Modern Mothers 1928
Frozen River (Talkie) Frozen River (Talkie) 1928
Night of Mystery, A Night of Mystery, A 1928
Flyin' Cowboy, The Flying Cowboy, The 1928
Adventure Mad Adventure Mad 1926

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