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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Under the Black Eagle Under the Black Eagle 1928
One Woman to Another One Woman to Another 1927
Virgin Queen, The Virgin Queen, The 1928
River of Romance (Silent) River of Romance (Silent) 1929
Why Sailors Go Wrong Why Sailors Go Wrong 1928
Daughter in Revolt, A Daughter in Revolt, A 1927
So This is Love? This is Love 1928
Serenade Serenade 1927
Dog Law Dog Law 1928
Race for Life, A Race for Life, A 1928
Danger Patrol, The Danger Patrol, The 1928
Sklavenkönigin, Die Moon of Israel 1924
Know Thy Child Know Thy Child 1921
Fifty-Fifty Girl, The Fifty-Fifty Girl, The 1928
Carnation Kid, The Carnation Kid, The 1929
Whirl of Life, The Whirl of Life, The 1915
Masks of the Devil, The Masks of the Devil, The 1928
Big Diamond Robbery, The Big Diamond Robbery, The 1929
Woman from Lunar, The Woman from Lunar, The 1929
Betrayal Betrayal 1929
Horseman of the Plains, A Horseman of the Plains, A 1928
Buck Privates Buck Privates 1928
Play Safe Play Safe 1927
Call of the Heart Call of the Heart 1928
That Certain Thing That Certain Thing 1928
Yellow Back, The Yellow Back, The 1926
In Old Kentucky In Old Kentucky 1927
S.O.S. S.O.S. 1928
Girl From Chicago, The Girl From Chicago, The 1927
One of the Best One of the Best 1927
Variety Variety 1925
House of Shame, The House of Shame, The 1928
Man in Hobbles, The Man in Hobbles, The 1928
Danger Street Danger Street 1928
Rainbow Man (Talkie) Rainbow Man (Talkie) 1929
Poppies of Flanders Poppies of Flanders 1927
Phyllis of the Follies Phyllis of the Follies 1928
Afterwards Afterwards 1928
First Born, The First Born, The 1928
South of Panama South of Panama 1928
Desert Woman, The Desert Woman, The
Under the Tonto Rim Under the Tonto Rim 1928
Three Bad Men Three Bad Men 1926
Sunrise Sunrise 1927
Lightning Show (t), The Lightning Show (t), The
King Cowboy King Cowboy 1928
Woman in White, The Woman in White, The 1929
Coney Island Coney Island 1928
Ginsberg the Great Ginsberg the Great 1927
Joker, The Joker, The 0000

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