Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Old San Francisco Old San Francisco 1927
Rush Hour, The Rush Hour, The 1928
Dancer of the Nile, The Dancer of the Nile, The 1923
Far Paradise, The Far Paradise, The 1928
Dubarry von heute, Eine Modern Du Barry, A 1927
Masked Woman, The Masked Woman, The 1927
All At Sea All At Sea 1929
Metropolis Metropolis 1927
Wizard, The Wizard, The 1927
Dawn Dawn 1928
Kosher Kitty Kelly Kosher Kitty Kelly 1926
Desert Driven Desert Driven 1923
High Seas High Seas 1929
We're All Gamblers We're All Gamblers 1927
Fashions in Love (Silent) Fashions in Love (Silent) 1929
Coquette (Talkie) Coquette (Talkie) 1929
Woman Wise Woman Wise 1928
Girl from Rio, The Girl from Rio, The 1927
Dance of Life, The (Talkie) Dance of Life, The (Talkie) 1929
Bardleys the Magnificent Bardleys the Magnificent 1926
Honeymoon Flats Honeymoon Flats 1928
Student Prince, The Student Prince, The 1927
Prowlers of the Night Prowlers of the Night 1926
Million Dollar Collar, A (Talkie) Million Dollar Collar, A (Talkie) 1929
Prep and Pep Prep and Pep 1928
Thief in the Dark, A Thief in the Dark, A 1928
Ladies of the Mob Ladies of the Mob 1928
Venus Venus 1929
Daredevil's Reward Daredevil's Reward 1928
Whip, The Whip, The 1928
Thru Different Eyes (Talkie) Through Different Eyes (Talkie) 1929
Lone Wolf's Daughter, The Lone Wolf's Daughter, The 1929
Latest from Paris, The Latest from Paris, The 1928
Wright Idea, The Wright Idea, The 1928
Branded Sombrero, The Branded Sombrero, The 1928
Parlour Pest (Talkie) Parlour Pest, The (Talkie) 1929
Adorable Outcast, The Adorable Outcast, The 1928
Barbed Wire Barbed Wire 1927
Plunging Hoofs Plunging Hoofs 1929
Clear The Decks Clear The Decks 1929
Tenth Avenue Tenth Avenue 1928
Man Bait Man Bait 1927
Haunted House, The Haunted House, The 1928
Case of Lena Smith, The Case of Lena Smith, The 1929
Rough Riders, The Roughriders, The 1927
Somehow Good Somehow Good 1927
Cheer Leader, The Cheer Leader, The 1928
Broadway Lady, A Broadway Lady, A 1925
Nevada Nevada 1927
Old Soak, The Old Soak, The 1926

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