Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
If Winter Comes If Winter Comes 1923
Lures of Love Lures of Love 1928
Moulders of Men Moulders of Men 1927
Come Across Come Across 1929
Saturday's Children Saturday's Children 1929
Outlawed Outlawed 1929
Stocks and Blondes Stocks and Blondes 1928
Her Honor the Governor Her Honor the Governor 1926
Riley the Cop Riley the Cop 1928
House of Horror House of Horror 1929
Wolf of Wall Street, The Wolf of Wall Street, The 1929
Red Hot Speed Red Hot Speed 1929
Husbands for Rent Husbands for Rent 1927
Michigan Kid, The Michigan Kid, The 1928
Adam and Evil Adam and Evil 1921
Wings Wings 1927
Third Eye, The Third Eye, The 1929
Air Legion, The Air Legion, The 1929
Marquis Preferred Marquis Preferred 1929
Eileen Glorious Youth 1929
Sally's Shoulders Sally's Shoulders 1928
Redskin Redskin 1929
Jazz Mad Jazz Mad 1928
Trick of Hearts, A Trick of Hearts, A 1928
Melody Lane Melody Lane 1929
Birth of a Nation, The Birth of a Nation, The 1915
Abie's Irish Rose (Talkie) Abie's Irish Rose (Talkie) 1928
Home Home
Love Trap, The Love Trap, The 1929
Love Piker, The Love Piker, The 1923
Molly and Me Molly and Me 1929
Napoleon Napoleon 1927
Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands, The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands, The 1928
Little Wildcat, The (Talkie) Little Wild Cat, The (Talkie) 1928
Fashion Madness Fashion Madness 1928
Adventurous Soul, The Adventurous Soul, The 1927
Waterfront Waterfront 1928
East Side, West Side East Side, West Side 1927
Bare Knees Bare Knees 1928
What Next? What Next? 1928
Black Watch Black Watch 1929
Certain Young Man, A Certain Young Man, A 1928
Spielzeug von Paris, Das Red Heels 1925
My Home Town My Home Town 1928
Captain Kidd's Kittens Captain Kidd's Kittens 1927
His Captive Woman His Captive Woman 1929
Sunset Pass Sunset Pass 1929
Silver Lining, The Silver Lining, The 1927
Fury of the Wild Fury of the Wild 1929
Give and Take Give and Take 1928

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