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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Sweet Sixteen Sweet Sixteen 1928
Law of the Range, The Law of the Range, The 1928
Charlatan, The Charlatan, The 1929
Mysterious Lady, The Mysterious Lady, The 1928
Good Time Charley Good Time Charley 1927
Phantom Flyer, The Phantom Flyer, The 1928
Desert Song, The (Talkie) Desert Song, The (Talkie) 1929
For Alimony Only For Alimony Only 1926
Sal of Singapore Sal of Singapore 1928
Mr Wu Mr Wu 1927
Irish Hearts Irish Hearts 1927
Fortune Hunter, The Fortune Hunter, The 1927
Ghost Talks, The (Talkie) Ghost Talks, The (Talkie) 1929
You Can't Beat the Law You Can't Beat the Law 1928
Close Harmony (Talkie) Close Harmony (Talkie) 1929
Woman Redeemed, A Woman Redeemed, A 1927
Forger, The Forger, The 1928
Flesh and the Devil Flesh and the Devil 1926
Alias Jimmy Valentine Alias Jimmy Valentine 1928
Woman from Moscow, The Woman from Moscow, The 1928
Secrets of the Sea Secrets of the Sea 1928
Naughty Baby Naughty Baby 1928
Squire of Long Hadley, The Squire of Long Hadley, The 1925
It Can Be Done It Can Be Done 1929
Ringer, The Ringer, The 1928
Ladies Night Ladies Night 1928
Price of Fear, The Price of Fear, The 1928
Dearie Dearie 1927
Girl He Didn't Buy, The Girl He Didn't Buy, The 1928
Troublesome Wives Troublesome Wives 1928
Circus Rookies Circus Rookies 1928
Trail of '98, The Trail of '98, The 1928
Oh, Kay! Oh, Kay! 1928
Forbidden Woman, The Forbidden Woman, The 1927
Phantom Of the Circus Phantom Of the Circus
Slightly Used Slightly Used
Man from Headquarters, The Man from Headquarters, The 1928
Missing Link, The Missing Link, The 1927
Only a Bride Half a Bride 1928
Drag Net, The Dragnet, The 1928
Avenger, The Avenger, The 1924
Poacher, The Poacher, The
Woman in Pawn, A Woman in Pawn, A 1927
Awakening, The Awakening, The 1928
Corporal Kate Corporal Kate 1926
Kitty Kitty 1929
Gipsy of the North Gipsy of the North 1928
One Minute to Play One Minute to Play 1926
After the Storm After the Storm 1928
Ace of Action, The Ace of Action, The 1926

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