Cinema and Audience Research Project

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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Boheme, La Boheme, La 1926
Anna Karenina Love 1927
Dress Parade Dress Parade 1927
This Marriage Business This Marriage Business 1927
Kid Boots Kid Boots 1926
Sky Skidder, The Sky Skidder, The 1929
Gaucho, The Gaucho, The 1927
Gigolo Gigolo 1926
Mother Machree Mother Machree 1928
Huntingtower Huntingtower 1927
Don Q Son of Zorro Don Q Son of Zorro 1925
Tumbling River Tumbling River 1927
Fangs of Justice Fangs of Justice 1926
Palaver Palaver 1926
Range Courage Range Courage 1927
Shakedown, The Shakedown, The 1928
Crowd, The Crowd, The 1928
Chinatown Charlie Chinatown Charlie 1928
Ghosts of the Night Ghosts of the Night
Detectives Detectives 1928
Name the Woman Name the Woman 1928
America Love and Sacrifice 1924
West of Broadway West of Broadway 1926
Twelve Miles Out Twelve Miles Out 1927
On the Stroke of 12 On the Stroke of 12 1927
High School Hero High School Hero 1927
Blonde For a Night, A Blonde For a Night, A 1928
Shadows of the Night Shadows of the Night 1928
Magnificent Flirt, The Magnificent Flirt, The 1928
Terror, The Terror, The 1928
Grip of the Yukon, The Grip of the Yukon, The 1928
Thoroughbreds Thoroughbreds 1929
Cardboard Lover, The Cardboard Lover, The 1928
Where East is East Where East is East 1929
Waltz Dream, The Waltz Dream, The 1925
When Duty Calls When Duty Calls
Way of all Flesh, The Way of all Flesh, The 1927
Me, Gangster Me, Gangster 1928
Lover's Island Lover's Island 1925
Riding Rascal, The Riding Rascal, The 1926
Call of the Wilderness Call of the Wilderness 1926
Crooks Can't Win Crooks Can't Win 1928
Sister to Assist 'Er, A Sister to Assist 'Er, A 1927
Code of the Scarlet, The Code of the Scarlet, The 1928
Geisterzug, Der Ghost Train, The 1927
Protection Protection 1929
Hound of Silver Creek, The Hound of Silver Creek, The 1928
Quality Street Quality Street 1927
Silent House, The Silent House, The 1929
Damaged Hearts Damaged Hearts 1924

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