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Title Title En. Prod. Year
Devil Dancer, The (Silent) Devil Dancer, The (Silent) 1927
Two Red Roses Two Red Roses
Glorious Betsy Glorious Betsy 1928
Shady Lady, The (Talkie) Shady Lady, The (Talkie) 1928
Voice of the Storm, The Voice of the Storm, The 1929
Voice of the City, The (Silent) Voice of the City, The (Silent) 1929
Someone to love Someone to love 1928
Yellow Lily, The Yellow Lily, The 1928
Climbers, The Climbers, The 1927
Actress, The Actress, The 1928
Les Miserables Les Miserables 1925
Sally in Our Alley Sally in Our Alley 1927
Four Devils Four Devils 1928
Body and Soul Body and Soul 1927
Noose, The Noose, The 1928
Adoration Adoration 1928
Five and Ten Cent Annie Five and Ten Cent Annie 1928
Sawdust Paradise, The Sawdust Paradise, The 1928
Girl From Gay Paree, The Girl From Gay Paree, The 1927
Main Event, The Main Event, The 1927
Jazz Singer, The (silent) Jazz Singer, The (silent) 1927
Open Range Open Range 1927
Warning, The Warning, The
Adam's Apple Adam's Apple 1928
Good-bye Kiss, The Good-bye Kiss, The 1928
Tell It To Sweeney Tell It To Sweeney 1927
Trent's Last Case Trent's Last Case 1929
Greyhound Limited, The Greyhound Limited, The 1929
Love Hungry Love Hungry 1928
On Trial On Trial 1928
Girl in Every Port, A Girl in Every Port, A 1928
Wilful Youth Wilful Youth 1927
Down Hill Down Hill 1927
Number 17 Number 17 1929
True Heaven True Heaven 1929
Spite Marriage Spite Marriage 1929
Stella Dallas Stella Dallas 1925
Neath Arctic Skies Neath Arctic Skies 0000
Woman Tempted, The Woman Tempted, The 1926
Upstage Upstage 1926
Matinee Idol, The Matinee Idol, The 1928
Ragtime Ragtime 1927
Tarzan and the Golden Lion Tarzan and the Golden Lion 1927
Close Harmony (Silent) Close Harmony (Silent) 1929
Submarine (Talkie) Submarine (Talkie) 1928
Clancy's Kosher Wedding Clancy's Kosher Wedding 1927
His Tiger Lady His Tiger Lady 1928
Red Dance, The (silent version) Red Dance, The (silent version) 1928
Beware of Married Men Beware of Married Men 1928
Opening Night, The Opening Night, The 1927

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