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Venue Film Screening Date Screening Type
Melbourne premiere Wings 1928-07-07 Unknown
York, Adelaide Redskin 1929-08-10 Unknown
Ozone Semaphore Girl from Rio, The 1929-03-02 Unknown
Pavilion New Year's Eve 1929-08-23 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Red Lips 1929-03-29 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Baby Cyclone, The 1929-06-19 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Circus, The 1928-07-28 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Turkish Delight 1928-08-25 Unknown
Ozone, North Adelaide Ladies of the Mob 1928-12-25 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Moana 1928-08-11 Unknown
Empire, Adelaide Ladies of the Mob 1929-03-16 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Thief in the Dark, A 1928-07-14 Unknown
Wests, Adelaide Tide of Empire 1929-09-04 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Waterfront 1929-01-26 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Huntingtower 1928-11-17 Unknown
Wondergraph My Man 1929-08-17 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Rescue, The 1929-07-10 Unknown
Sydney Premiere How to Manage Women 1929-02-02 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Wild Cat Hetty 1929-03-16 Unknown
Pavilion New Year's Eve 1929-08-19 Unknown
Star Unley (New) Redskin 1929-08-31 Unknown
Pavilion Baby Cyclone, The 1929-06-03 Unknown
Pavilion Napoleon 1929-06-28 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Ladies Night 1928-06-30 Unknown
Pavilion Love Trap, The 1929-10-11 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Love Trap, The 1929-10-26 Unknown
Pavilion Love Trap, The 1929-10-12 Unknown
Pavilion Napoleon 1929-06-27 Unknown
Pavilion Napoleon 1929-06-25 Unknown
Ozone, Alberton Baby Cyclone, The 1929-09-04 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Turkish Delight 1928-08-11 Unknown
Pavilion Napoleon 1929-06-29 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands, The 1928-07-14 Unknown
Odeon Star, Woodville Red Lips 1929-03-16 Unknown
Pavilion Adventurous Soul, The 1929-07-11 Unknown
Central, Adelaide Red Lips 1929-03-30 Unknown
Pavilion Adventurous Soul, The 1929-07-13 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Waterfront 1928-12-08 Unknown
Pavilion Private Life of Helen of Troy, The 1928-12-15 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Little Snob, The 1928-11-17 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Easy Come, Easy Go 1928-08-18 Unknown
Central, Adelaide Huntingtower 1929-04-01 Unknown
Capitol Peterborough Honeymoon Flats 1929-01-09 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Boheme, La 1928-07-07 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Blindfold 1929-03-01 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Student Prince, The 1928-08-25 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Boheme, La 1928-09-15 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Dress Parade 1928-08-18 Unknown
Star Hindmarsh East Side, West Side 1929-04-17 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Her Honor the Governor 1929-03-01 Unknown

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