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Venue Film Screening Date Screening Type
Sydney Premiere My Official Wife 1928-11-17 Unknown
Pavilion Madame X (Talkie) 1929-11-16 Unknown
Empire, Adelaide My Official Wife 1929-03-16 Unknown
Pavilion Madame X (Talkie) 1929-11-14 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Silent Sentinel, The 1929-02-16 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Dry Martini 1929-01-05 Unknown
Pavilion Madame X (Talkie) 1929-11-11 Unknown
Pavilion Cavalier, The 1929-10-08 Unknown
Ozone, North Adelaide Pioneer Scout 1929-03-02 Unknown
Pavilion Cavalier, The 1929-10-10 Unknown
Pavilion Cavalier, The 1929-10-11 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Telling the World 1928-09-15 Unknown
Star Unley (New) Children of the Ritz 1929-08-24 Unknown
Pavilion Whip, The 1929-10-03 Unknown
Pavilion Whip, The 1929-10-04 Unknown
Pavilion Whip, The 1929-10-05 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Whip, The 1929-11-13 Unknown
National Picture Theatre / Ozone Prospect News Parade, The 1928-12-15 Unknown
Pavilion Case of Lena Smith, The 1929-06-04 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Mystery Valley 1929-01-06 Unknown
Pavilion Captain Lash 1929-08-15 Unknown
Globe Millicent Broadway Daddies 1929-02-02 Unknown
Pavilion Love Trap, The 1929-10-12 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Love Trap, The 1929-10-26 Unknown
Pavilion Captain Lash 1929-08-17 Unknown
Pavilion Sky Rocket, The 1929-10-17 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Lone Wolf's Daughter, The 1929-08-31 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Woman's Justice, A 1929-02-16 Unknown
Pavilion Sky Rocket, The 1929-10-19 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Wright Idea, The 1928-11-17 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Wright Idea, The 1928-12-23 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Ramona 1928-09-15 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Ramona 1928-10-13 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Happiness Ahead 1928-09-08 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Happiness Ahead 1928-10-27 Unknown
Pavilion Happiness Ahead 1928-12-12 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Wolf of Wall Street, The 1929-08-17 Unknown
Pavilion Wolf of Wall Street, The 1929-07-27 Unknown
Pavilion Happiness Ahead 1928-12-13 Unknown
Pavilion Happiness Ahead 1928-12-10 Unknown
Sydney Premiere My Best Girl 1928-08-11 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Chorus Kid, The 1928-11-24 Unknown
Pavilion Submarine (Silent) 1929-09-10 Unknown
Pavilion Submarine (Silent) 1929-09-11 Unknown
Grand Wedding March, The 1929-06-17 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Cowboy Kid, The 1928-10-06 Unknown
Capitol, St Peters Submarine (Silent) 1929-09-25 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Racket, The 1928-11-03 Unknown
Melbourne premiere Sky Rider, The 1928-12-29 Unknown
Sydney Premiere Adorable Outcast, The 1928-12-22 Unknown

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