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Star Goodwood/ Capri

Venue Summary
Name Star Goodwood/ Capri
Address Goodwood Road, Goodwood, South Australia 5034
Operation Dates 1920-11-03 - 9999-12-31
Capacity 1165
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Cinema
Screens 1
1920-11-03 - 9999-12-31 : Unknown : D Clifford Theatres Limited
Venue Comments

opened as New Star Goodwood Oct 8 1941, became Curzon in 1955; closed 1964; reopened as Capri on Nov 16 1967 capacity 851; sold by GU to TOSA in 1978

"The Capri was the last cinema of the magnificent chain built by the late Dan Clifford. It opened in 1941 as the Star Goodwood, and was similar to its sister theatre the Picadilly (Forum) which opened a year earlier. After T.V it reduced screenings... In the late 60's Irving Cook, Alf Jones, Colin Freak and Ian B;ack, very successfully tranferred the policy from the Curzon Cinema situated next door to the Star and renamed it the New Curzon. It continued well with festivals of Opera, Shakespeare, and ballet films until it was used as a sex house, which drew big audiences..." (Australasian Cinema, 19 May 1978, p. 6.)
Thiele, J 2001, 'From Star to Capri', Kino Cinema Quarterly, no. 77, p. 18

"Another of the Wondergraph's picture theatres bought by Clifford was the Goodwood Star. Like the Semaphore Wondergraph, he purchased this theatre before construction was completed. In opening the picture house on 3 November 1920, the Mayor of Unley, W.H. Langham, stated that Clifford's enterprise had "secured for him well-merited success in the world of 'movies', in which he had become a dominant figure." " D. Walker, Adelaide's Silent Nights

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1920-11-03 Star Goodwood Goodwood Road
South Australia 5034
1165 Suburb Cinema 1


Films Distributor Dates
Fortune Hunter, The Australasian Films /UnionTheatres 1928-12-01 - 1928-12-01
Only a Bride Paramount 1928-12-01 - 1928-12-01
Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, The First National Pictures 1928-12-05 - 1928-12-05
Magnificent Flirt, The Paramount 1928-12-05 - 1928-12-05
Hawk's Nest, The First National Pictures 1928-12-08 - 1928-12-08
Telling the World Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 1928-12-08 - 1928-12-08
Neath Arctic Skies First National Pictures 1928-12-12 - 1928-12-12
Letzte Walzer, Der Paramount 1928-12-12 - 1928-12-12
Legion of the Condemned, The Paramount 1928-12-15 - 1928-12-15
Phyllis of the Follies Universal Pictures 1928-12-15 - 1928-12-15
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