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Bayswater Public Hall

Venue Summary
Name Bayswater Public Hall
Address High Street, Bayswater, Victoria 3153
Operation Dates 1946-01-01 - 1965-01-01
Capacity 150
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Hall
Screens 1
1951-01-01 - 1952-01-01 : Exhibitor : Kerr, William
1953-01-01 - 1956-01-01 : Exhibitor : Ness, J. S.
1955-01-01 - 1963-01-01 : Exhibitor : Baker, William
1957-01-01 - 1959-01-01 : Exhibitor : Bayswater Theatres Pty. Ltd.
1961-01-01 - 1969-01-01 : Exhibitor : Hayes, A. E.
Venue Comments

Public Building File notes (Unit 444, Item 2733):
A health inspection took place on 25.01.1958 during the screening of pictures by Mr William Baker. Also inspected during public occupation at 8.45 pm on Saturday March 10, 1956 in the company of Mr Brackman.
Proprietor and Operator noted as; Mr William Baker, 5 Childers Street, Box Hill, Screenings: Tues & Sat

Inspected on 14.04.1953 at approx 9:15 p, during public occupation. Pictures were being screened by means of 35mm projectors. Acting manager at the time noted as Robert Bernard Zimmerman, 568 Victoria Parade East Melbourne. Lessee for Pictures noted as Mr Redvers Robinson, 88 Stanley St West Melbourne.
Inspected on 13.06.1951- "suggest a final notice as pictures are being screened several nights a week bringing in revenue"

A letter dated 16.06.1949 states "It was found on inspection of the above during a cinema entertainment on 11.06.1949 that the new cinema cabin was still in complete".

Official application for plans and specification and alterations of a building (bio box for hall) submitted June 17 1947.

A letter date 14.07.1944 reads: "The Commitee of the Bayswater Public Hall have decided to delay the alterations of the Bio Box till after the war owing to economic reasons...' signed AR Cullis

Official application for renewal of registration of the Public Building dates 6 Dec, 1937.

Venue: Other Information
"The Bayswater Public Hall was situated on Mountain Highway in Bayswater, close to the railway station. It was operated by an independent exhibitor an seated 150 or so. It ceased screenings in the early 1960s...The Hall was later to be demolished to make way for a modern community centre." (Seccombe, p. 8)

Cinema & Theatre Historical Society 1997, Cinema index : Melbourne cinemas, suburban cinemas, Victorian drive-ins. CATHS, Victoria.

Film Weekly, Film Weekly: motion picture directory, Film Weekly, Sydney. 1951/52-1971

PROV, VPRS 7882/P1 Public Building Files, Unit 444, Item 2733.

Seccombe, R. 1999 'Out in the sticks: early cinema in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs', CinemaRecord, no. 24, pp. 4-10.

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1946-01-01 Bayswater Public Hall High Street
Victoria 3153
200 Suburb Hall 1