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Solway / Regent, Fitzroy

Venue Summary
Name Solway / Regent, Fitzroy
Address 84 Johnson Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
Operation Dates 1911-09-01 - 1979-01-01
Capacity 399
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Cinema
Screens 1
1925-01-01 - 9999-12-31 : Exhibitor : Griffiths & West
1960-10-01 - 1979-01-01 : Owned : HSV7
Venue Comments

First erected in 1911. It was built as the Solway Theatre. According to Smith (1984) it was officially opened in October 1912, with a seating capacity of 846 on the ground floor and 292 in the gallery, however the Argus reports the opening in 1911.In the mid twemties the Solway was burnt down and in 1928, extensive reconstruction of the theatre took place, enlarging seating capacity. The theatre was re-opened in September 1931 and re-named the Regent Theatre. TV Week (1960) reports that the Regent showed its last film Saturday, Septemebr 17 1960. Later the same year the theatre was altered and purchased by H.S.V 7 and became known as the H.S.V. Teletheatre. Seating capacity was reduced to 690 on the ground floor only. Further alterations where made in 1970 decreasing the seating capacity to 399. Sold in 1979. The building was demolished in 1984.
Smith, C 1984, 'Sorry folks the show's over', Fitzroy Voice, April/May.

Venue: Other Information
Originally built to the specifications of Hoyts theatres, the company did not take full possession of the property until 1948. Screened last movie in 1960 and was later used as a live theatre venue. From 1960's -80 was HSV-7 teletheatre - CATHS

According to Catrice (p. 225), the venue was demolished in October 1983.

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The Sun (8 September 1960, p. 5) article entitled 'HSV7 takes over live shows', references Channel 7 leasing the Regent theatre. Officials said that picture shows would continue for several weeks.

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Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1911-09-06 Solway 84 Johnson Street
Victoria 3068
1108 Suburb Cinema 1
1931-09-01 Regent, Fitzroy


1960-01-01 H.S.V. Teletheatre