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The Academy of Music/ Bijou

Venue Summary
Name The Academy of Music/ Bijou
Address 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Operation Dates 1876-11-06 - 1934-02-01
Capacity 1000
Suburban/Country City
Purpose Live Theatre
1943-01-01 - 1946-01-01 : Exhibitor : Fullers Theatres Pty Ltd
Venue Comments

Situated at the rear of the Victorian Arcade, alongside a hotel.
Both the theatre and arcade were designed by Joseph Reed and Frederick
Barnes on the request of Joeph Aarons, a prominent Melbournian and was run under
the management of G. B. W. Lewis.
The first concert featured soprano Ilma de Murska.
Due to being only able to seat 1,000 patrons the theatre often struggled with
profitable operation.
In 1889 the theatre was destroy by fire on Easter Monday with two people being killed.
The theatre reopened on April 5, 1890 after being redesigned by G R. Johnson and rebuilt for 32,000 pounds. The new theatre had increased seating capacity.
From 1914 the Bijou was known for its vaudeville acts.
1934: Theatre demolished in February, eventually to be occupied by the Commonwealth Bank.

-(All information taken from 'The Bijou: Theatre of Infinite Variety', Frank van Straten, ''The Passing Show: 4'' in Bertrand, I ''Cinema File: 225 Bourke St.'' (unpublished research)).

The Bijou started playing moving pictures in 1909.

In 1890 the Palace Hall of Varieties/ Gaiety Theatre/ Hoyts New Gairty was built in the dinning room of the Palace Hotel, forming the one Arcade.

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Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1876-11-06 The Academy of Music 225 Bourke Street
Victoria 3000
1000 City Live Theatre
1880-03-01 Bijou