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Regent, Melbourne

Venue Summary
Name Regent, Melbourne
Address 191 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Operation Dates 1929-03-15 - 1970-07-01
Capacity 3253
Suburban/Country City
Purpose Cinema
Screens 1
Venue Comments

The Regent was the prestige releasing house on the Hoyts circuit opening on March 15, 1929. Seating capacity varied over the years from 3500 to 3312 to 3277 with 3253 the official recorded seating capacity during its last years(1950-1970). (Film Weekly: Motion Picture Directory)

On April 29, 1945, the Regent was destroyed by a fire. The Hoyts Plaza, Melbourne below also sustained extensive damage. "Major programming changes had to take place, as Hoyts now had two theatres closed. Work on repairing the Plaza took priority and commenced immediately, taking seven months to complete. The Regent though had to be re-bult and this would take nearly 32 months." (Walters, p. 128)

The Regent re-opened on December 19, 1947. The first film to screen was Homestretch.

In December 1953, the Regent Theatre was Melbourne's first theatre to be altered for the dimensions of Cinemascope films.The Regent was only closed for 2 days while new equipment was installed. The Robe screened in Cinemascope on December 17, 1953

According to Walters (p.129) "Melbourne nearly lost its Regent Theatre during 1961. Hoyts' Melbourne head office managment took on a tour of their city theatres the head of 20th Century Fox in America, Spyros Skouras, out here as part of a world trip. After viewing the Regent, a Hoyts executive asked Skouras what he thought of their flagship theatre. He replied "Great! Magnificent theatre. It's the second best theatre in the world. Pull it down." Jaws dropped, they could not believe what they had just heard. Theatres this size are being pulled down all over the world, continued Skouras. "They're too big and they will never be full again," he added...Fortunately this did not eventuate."

In 1964 a live production was staged at the Regent. After five weeks the Regent went back to screening films.

The last film screened at the Regent on July 1, 1970. The Regent Theatre remained closed and derelict for 26 years. The Regent was re-opened in 1996 as a live theatre venue.

Film Weekly records the following changes in capacity:
1948/9 = 3277
1949/50 = 3253

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Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1929-03-15 Regent 191 Collins Street
Victoria 3000
3500 City Cinema 1




Films Distributor Dates
Paddy The Next Best Thing Fox Film Corporation 1933-12-25 - 1933-12-25
Facing The Music British Empire Films (BEF) 1933-12-25 - 1933-12-25
Paddy The Next Best Thing Fox Film Corporation 1933-12-26 - 1933-12-26
Facing The Music British Empire Films (BEF) 1933-12-26 - 1933-12-26
Paddy The Next Best Thing Fox Film Corporation 1933-12-27 - 1933-12-27
Facing The Music British Empire Films (BEF) 1933-12-27 - 1933-12-27
Paddy The Next Best Thing Fox Film Corporation 1933-12-28 - 1933-12-28
Facing The Music British Empire Films (BEF) 1933-12-28 - 1933-12-28
Paddy The Next Best Thing Fox Film Corporation 1933-12-29 - 1933-12-29
Facing The Music British Empire Films (BEF) 1933-12-29 - 1933-12-29
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