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Imperial North Melbourne

Venue Summary
Name Imperial North Melbourne
Address 112 Errol Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051
Operation Dates 1913-10-18 - 1929-01-01
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Hall
Venue Comments

According Roy Moorfield (Sun 24 December, 1980) "The Imperial went out of business when the talkies came in. There was a fire. It was a wool store after the war and had been lying vacant for five years or so when we took it over for keeping our stock in''

Operation dates based on Catrice (p. 207)

Catrice, D. 1991, Cinemas in Melbourne 1896-1942. Thesis (M.A.) Monash University, 1991.

Cinema & Theatre Historical Society 1997, Cinema index : Melbourne cinemas, suburban cinemas, Victorian drive-ins. CATHS, Victoria.

The Telephone Directory (1914-1924) lists the Imperial theatre at 78-80 Errol Street

Herald 28 February 1925 - the Imperial is listed as securing Paramount film

'Wine goes to the movies' Sun 24 December 1980, p.8.

The Argus 11 October, 1913 (references the opening of The Imperial, North Melbourne- tonight)

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1913-10-11 Imperial North Melbourne 112 Errol Street
North Melbourne
Victoria 3051
Suburb Hall