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Northcote Theatre/ Regal Ballroom

Venue Summary
Name Northcote Theatre/ Regal Ballroom
Address 216 High Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070
Operation Dates 1912-06-27 - 1960-06-01
Capacity 900
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Cinema
Screens 1
1912-06-27 - 1959-01-01 : Exhibitor : Northcote Theatre Co. Pty. Ltd.
1959-01-01 - 1960-06-01 : Exhibitor : Galle, D.
Venue Comments

Address and operations dates based on Catrice (p. 217).

Founding directors included Mr A M Lonie, Mr B E Johnson and Mr R J Whalley. Ten year Agreement with Amalgamated Pictures Ltd which Amalgamted agreed to supply pictures to the Northcote Thetare. Mr Robert Mc Leish became the manager (later to be associated with several other cinemas including the Rivoli, Austral and Fairfeild)

Film Weekly records the following changes in capacity:
1946/7-1953/4 = 1200
1954/5-1958/9 = 1219
1959/60 = 900

Cinema Record states the following about the Northcote Theatre:
Built by Mr. T. G. Farr
Designed by Mr. Frank Richardson in association with the firm Twentyman and Askew.

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Flemington Spectator (May 3, 1917) refernces Northcote Theatre in connection with Robert Mc Leish re-opening the theatre in Newmarket.

Northcote Theatre Program: 20th Birthday programme (dates 1912-1932, Northcote Theatre celebrates its 20th birthday on Monday, July 4... The late late Mr W. A. Gibson was one of the first directors... The opening of the theatre introduced Mr. Robert Mc Leish to the district..."

Hall, C 'The Westgarth Picture Theatre' The Westgarth Picture Theatre: 80th Anniversary Commemoration Magazine
Hall, C 2001, 'The Westgarth picture theatre' Cinema Record, Iss. 32, Autumn, pp.10-19.

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1912-06-27 Northcote Theatre 216 High Street
Victoria 3070
1200 Suburb Cinema 1