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West's Olympia / Spencers Pictures / Hoyts Olympia, South Melbourne

Venue Summary
Name West's Olympia / Spencers Pictures / Hoyts Olympia, South Melbourne
Address Sturt Street West , South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Operation Dates 1907-10-12 - 1923-01-01
Capacity 4000
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Cinema
Venue Comments

According to Catrice data (p. 217), the opening date was 21 December 1907, and the closing date given as July 1918. Also that it was established in Wirth's Olympia in 1907.

References to picture screenings at Olympia in The Argus date from as far back as 1908 to 1923.
Wolfenden (2006) states that the old Olympia opened for movies on October 12 1907

CATHS note: next to Wirth Bros. circus.


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-references the demolition of the theatre building.

Hoyt's Pictures: the new move', The Argus, Melbourne, 10 July 1918, p. 10.
-references Hoyt's to move from Olympia to the building formerly known as West's Palace from 20 July 1918 (see also West's / Hoyts Lyceum, South Melbourne).

'Hoyt's Olympia', The Argus, Melbourne, 3 August 1914, p. 11.
-reference to new Hoyt's Olympia seats 4,000 people

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'Theatres and entertainments', The Argus, Melbourne, 18 January 1908, p. 13.
-reference to new pictures presented by Mr West at Wirth's Olympia.

'Theatres and entertainments', The Argus, Melbourne, 20 June 1910, p. 9.
-references picture theatre Olympia and change of programme by Spencer's Theatrescope Co.

'Y.M.C.A. Headquaters: Hoyt's Olympia site purchased', The Argus, Melbourne, 7 September 1921, p. 10. -references sale of site to Y.M.C.A.

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Various articles from Bulletin, Table Talk, and Australasian in- Bertrand, I Cinema file: South Melbourne (unpublished research)

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1907-10-12 West's Olympia Sturt Street West
South Melbourne
Victoria 3205
3670 Suburb Cinema
1909-08-02 Spencer Pictures

1914-08-01 Hoyts Olympia