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Bowman's Pictures, West Melbourne

Venue Summary
Name Bowman's Pictures, West Melbourne
Address 575 King Street, West Melbourne, Victoria 3003
Operation Dates 1913-01-01 - 1928-12-31
Suburban/Country City
Purpose Cinema
Screens 1
Venue Comments

A newspaper article in The Argus dated 2 August 1915 references the venue. Article summary: about 40 or 50 picture theatres in Melbourne and the suburbs were involved in raising money for the Australia Day Fund. One of the theatres that participated in the scheme was Bowman's Pictures, West Melbourne.

Operation dates based on first and last listing in Sands & Mc Dougall.

Venue: Other Information
listed in the Sands and Mc Dougall 1913 directory as 'Bowman's Open-air' at 420 King Street West Melbourne and the in 1915 as 'Bowman's Picture Pavilion' at 22 Roden Stree west Melbourne

Catrice, D. 1991. Cinemas in Melbourne 1896-1942. Thesis (M.A.) Monash University, 1991.

Cinema & Theatre Historical Society 1997, Cinema index : Melbourne cinemas, suburban cinemas, Victorian drive-ins. CATHS, Victoria.

'Picture theatres' effort', Argus, 2 August 1915, p. 10

Sands and Mc Dougall. Directory of Victoria. 1913-18.

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1913-01-01 Bowman's Pictures 575 King Street
West Melbourne
Victoria 3003
City Cinema 1