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Bunyip Mechanics Institute

Venue Summary
Name Bunyip Mechanics Institute
Address Cnr Main Street and George Street, Bunyip, Victoria 3815
Operation Dates 1949-01-01 - 1977-01-01
Capacity 200
Suburban/Country Country
Purpose Hall
Screens 1
Venue Comments

Earliest public records date 1895. Submission of new building plans 1949

Letter addressed to the editor of the Argus, Aug 03 1951 reads:

Title: Danger to 200 lives!

Since the showing of the picture “Cheaper by the Dozen”, on Saturday, 14th July, 200 lives have been continually facing risks, by attending the Bunyip Hall each Saturday night, while two men operate, who hold neither a license nor a trainees ticket. One of these are a 16 year old schoolboy, who at his age, has no right to be up in the Bio box at all.

Do the people who attend this theatre each Saturday night realise the danger they expose themselves to by being there?

What could a 16 year old possibly hope to do in the case of film catching fire or exploding?
If such an accident did take place, the fact that the operators are unlicensed, would cause the fire insurance, as well as the public risk policy to become void.

Just what are the Health Department & Local Hall Committee thinking of to allow such risks to be taken.

No doubt the companies that hold the Bunyip Theatres Film Contract will be pleased to know that their films are in such uncapable hands.

Therefore, can we – the public, ignore the risks that the present owners are thrusting in our paths?

Yours failthfully,

Mrs A. V. Little

Operators: Mr Walter Bernard Sawyer (Manager) & Laurie Dunne (16 years)

Film Weekly. Film Weekly: motion picture directory, Film Weekly, Sydney. 1948/9-1958/9

PROV, VPRS 7882/P1 Public Building Files, Unit 1046, PB 8964

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1949-01-01 Bunyip Mechanics Institute Cnr Main Street and George Street
Victoria 3815
200 Country Hall 1
1951-01-01 Bunyip Theatre