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Olympic Twin / Northland Twin, Preston

Venue Summary
Name Olympic Twin / Northland Twin, Preston
Address Murray Road, Preston, Victoria 3072
Operation Dates 1964-01-01 - 1987-02-14
Capacity 1330
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Cinema
Screens 2
1964-01-01 - 1970-01-01 : Exhibitor : Murray Bell Holdings Pty. Ltd.
1970-01-01 - 1987-01-01 : Exhibitor :
Venue Comments

"Built in an area close to Melbourne's Olympic Village, (built for the 1956 Olympics), it shared this name with various hotels, milk bars and bakeries etc. It changed its name to Northland in the late 1960's when the Northland shopping centre was built across the road. Initially the site was run by a group of businessmen and the site was part of the Big 6 chain. In later years it was operated by Village and was one of Melbourne's most popular drive-ins. Despite the nearby competition by other ozoner venues, rarely a Saturday night passed in the 1960's and 70's where the car line did not wind around the drive-in for several hundred meters. Unlike many other drive-ins, Northland did not possess a long driveway or holding field in which to hold the cars...Northland closed several months before the new Hoyts Northland multiplex opened across the road. A homemaker centre now occupy's the site." (Kilderry, 1999)

Kilderry, D. 1999 'Australian drive-ins', Drive-ins Downunder, Available at:

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1964-01-01 Olympic Twin Murray Road
Victoria 3072
Murray Road
1330 Suburb Cinema 2
1970-01-01 Northland Twin


Films Distributor Dates
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Racconti D'Estate Ultra Pictures Corporation 1966-06-02 - 1966-06-02
Carry On Up The Khyber 1970-01-01 - 1970-01-01
Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies 1970-01-01 - 1970-01-01
Deadlier Than The Male 1970-01-01 - 1970-01-01
Carry On Up The Khyber 1970-01-02 - 1970-01-02
Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies 1970-01-02 - 1970-01-02
Deadlier Than The Male 1970-01-02 - 1970-01-02
Carry On Up The Khyber 1970-01-03 - 1970-01-03
Deadlier Than The Male 1970-01-03 - 1970-01-03
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