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Sunshine Mechanics' Institute/ Town Hall, Sunshine

Venue Summary
Name Sunshine Mechanics' Institute/ Town Hall, Sunshine
Address Hampshire Road, Sunshine, Victoria 3020
Operation Dates 1918-01-01 - 9999-12-31
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Town Hall
Screens 1
Venue Comments

Operated by the Johnson brothers of Lyric Pictures since 1918, the Sunshine Mechanic's Institute screened weekly picture shows. (Mc Goldrick, p. 85)

It was later a part of the renovated Shire Hall and was still operating in 1925 until a rival theatre ( Sunshine / Kirbys Theatre, Sunshine ) opened across the road from the Shire Hall. (Ford, p. 293) The rival theatre "affected numbers attending pictures shows in the new town hall where N.J. Vernon showed movies briefly before C. H. Mennesdorffer took over in late 1925. After a few years of intense competition between the theatre and Mennesdorffer, the showing of pictures at the town hall was discontinued." (Mc Gowrick, p. 85)

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Mc Goldrick, P. 1989, When the whistle blew: a social history of the town of Sunshine, 1920-1950, Gippsland Printers (Morwell) Pty. Ltd.

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1918-01-01 Sunshine Mechanic's Institute / Town Hall Hampshire Road
Victoria 3020

Suburb Town Hall 1