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Waverley / Liberty, Fitzroy

Venue Summary
Name Waverley / Liberty, Fitzroy
Address 234 Brunswick Street , Fiztroy, Victoria 3065
Operation Dates 1911-08-05 - 1929-01-01
Suburban/Country Suburb
Purpose Cinema
Venue Comments

Operation dates are based on Catrice data. According to Catrice, the theatre was established in the Exhibition Skating Rink. (Catrice, p. 238)

Venue: Other Information
CATHS Cinema Index refers to the Liberty renamed Waverley in 1922, however no further reference has been found in order to confirm this.

Catrice, D. 1991, Cinemas in Melbourne 1896-1942. Thesis (M.A.) Monash University, 1991.

Cinema & Theatre Historical Society 1997, Cinema index : Melbourne cinemas, suburban cinemas, Victorian drive-ins. CATHS, Victoria.

1917 'AMUSEMENTS TAX EVADED.', The Argus, 13 December, p. 4, viewed 3 December, 2011, - (Louis Alfred Soumprou listed as the proprietor of the Waverley Picture Theatre)

Venue Events
Event Date Name of Venue Address Latitude /
Capacity Suburban Purpose Screens
1911-08-05 Waverley 234 Brunswick Street
Victoria 3065

Suburb Cinema
1919-01-01 Liberty